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​My name is Dr. Keith M. Castilloux. I graduated way back in 1984. I worked briefly in Louisiana, Georgia, and then extensively in Hawaii. My path in Chiropractic has been a rich one. I have had the privilege to have worked with dozens of other Chiropractors as well as being treated by literally hundreds of my colleagues due to an extensive accident and injury history. This has given me a unique insight into my profession and led me to develop some unique approaches in the care of the spine. I have enjoyed high levels of success with difficult cases especially in carpal tunnel and TOS cases.

After graduation I worked in several family practices. I then opened offices in Hawaii specializing in auto accident and worker injuries for more than twenty years. C.A.S.T. Chiropractic Clinic will offer family and auto accident care as by now they are second nature to me. Additionally I will also offer corrective care for motivated individuals and of course, everything in between. My goal, however, is to attract those I feel may not always be receiving the help they need with carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndromes. I feel fortunate to have gleamed some of the collective knowledge from the great Chiropractors I have worked with or have been treated by. If I can't help you with your issues utilizing that collective knowledge, I probably know someone who can and will not hesitate to make that referral.


C.A.S.T. Chiropractic Clinic

Some more food for thought! Do you see yourself in the above pictures? I hope you see yourself as the first picture on the left with the 12 lb head or the good posture in the middle picture above on the right side of the page. What about the other four? What do you see? What do you already know about them? Right! They aren't doing well and probably aren't feeling their best either. They certainly will tired easily and go home needing rest. In a word, they are in a state of dis-ease. We all know this innately as soon as we see it. You are much smarter than you think you are. Your posture is a reflection of your health, especially as you age. You can return to better posture and health.  Are you motivated yet?

How about in ten more years after permanent irreversible arthritic changes occur. Will you be motivated then?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Words to live by and too seldom practiced. Look at the typical office worker. How much does their head weight? Do you think that kind of stress will led to premature arthritic changes? Motivated now? Do you want to be old and sedentary before your time or a Fred Astaire at 65? It's a choice for 95% of us. Have you made your choice?

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